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UCL Audio Visual Centre Bookings

Terms and Conditions



1.    1. Booked Technical Support

2.    2. AV Equipment Loans

3.    3. Equipment in Supported Rooms

4.    4. Booking Request, Cancellations and Charges





General Information


1.1 The UCL Audio Visual Centre (hence forth known as AVC) provide pre-booked technical support to UCL Centrally bookable rooms; a list of which can be found on the UCL Room Bookings website. The core hours of this service are Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 17:00, (excluding bank holidays and university closure days).

1.2 During core business hours the AVC offer a ‘Meet and Greet’ service. The ‘Meet and Greet’ service involves members of our technical team being present prior to the start of an event to assist and instruct customers in the use of AV/IT systems. This service is available to be booked between 08:45 and 16:45 Monday to Friday.

1.3 A ‘Meet and Greet’ appointment must be booked using the SiSo Web Portal.

1.4 The AVC currently offers no provision for a ‘Meet and Greet’ service outside of AVC core hours.

1.5 The AVC currently offers an Emergency Callout Service where a Technician can be contacted between 17:00-20:00, Monday to Thursday during Term Time only.

1.6 Please ensure that times stated on the booking form reflect the actual times of the event. The AVC will allow adequate time to ensure Technicians arrive in advance of the booking start time. On occasions where an event runs later than the times stated on the initial booking request the supporting Technician maybe unable to remain due to prior commitments.




General Information


2.1 All equipment loans must be booked using the SiSo Web Portal. These items need to be collected and returned to the AVC at the following address:


ISD Service Desk

DMS Watson Library

Ground Floor

Malet Place



2.2 The AVC has a limited stock of pre-bookable audio visual equipment which is available free of charge to University staff for legitimate University business. The opening hours of this service are Monday 10am to 5pm and Tuesday - Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays and university closure days).

2.3 Equipment requested for collection can only be collected during the opening hours in 2.2 from the specified location in 2.1; there is no guarantee that staff or the equipment will be available outside of this time.

2.4 Equipment must be returned to the location where it was collected from (unless other arrangements have been made in advance) at the specified return date and time as other users maybe relying on the equipment being available at this time. If the AVC have to pick up equipment that was originally collected then it’s likely the borrower will have their SiSo account suspended.

2.5 Due to limited resources the AVC’s equipment is generally only available on a short-term loan basis therefore the AVC wouldn’t normally allow equipment to be borrowed for longer than five days unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please email the ISD Service Desk in such cases.

2.6 If equipment is booked and you are unable to return the item/s on the same-day then the borrower is responsible for ensuring all equipment is stored securely to prevent loss or damage occurring.

2.7 It is generally expected that any equipment booked will be used on the University premises only.

2.8 On receipt of your booking confirmation please check the dates, times and items booked.

2.9 On receipt of equipment please check all items as you will be responsible for any equipment collected.

2.10 UCL Staff members or a Staff sponsored Student departments will be held accountable for any equipment returned damaged or with missing items. The AVC will ask for reimbursement.

2.11 The AVC loans equipment to non-registered staff & students provided the equipment is required as part of their event or course. The equipment must be booked by a member of UCL staff (preferably a DA or course tutor) who must book using the SiSo Web portal. The UCL Staff member must ensure the non-registered staff member or student’s Full Name is added to the Booking request in the free text field marked "Unregistered User" Please input unregistered users full name. Failure to do so may result in the person collecting being refused loan of the equipment.

2.12 Student Societies who require Audio Visual Equipment need to contact the UCLU Clubs & Societies Team.

2.13 The AVC will make every effort to ensure your equipment is ready for collection but cannot except responsibility if loan equipment is not available due to late return, user damage or equipment failure.




General Information


3.1 All equipment in supported rooms can be booked using the SiSo Web Portal.


3.2 If equipment is booked for an event in Wilkins Flaxman Gallery, North Cloisters or South Cloisters a member of UCL staff must be available to accept the equipment and sign for it at the requested booking time and location. If there is no one available to sign for the equipment the AVC will not leave the items.


3.3 Microphones requested in addition to fixed microphones in supported rooms will be installed by the AVC unless otherwise specified. Additional Microphone installations are subject to availability and the supported rooms infrastructure.


3.4 Please ensure the times stated on the booking form reflect the actual times of the event. The AVC will allow adequate time to set up the equipment in advance of the start time. If access is not available to the room because of another user the AVC will endeavor to install equipment at an earlier time however we cannot accept responsibility for any subsequent movement of these items.


3.5 If equipment is required for an event outside of UCL AVC core hours in a Centrally Bookable Social Space, it is the responsibility of the person booking the equipment to ensure items are stored securely to prevent loss or damage occurring.


3.6 If the equipment was installed by the AVC then it would be expected that the equipment is made available for us to collect on the agreed date, time and location and that the location is accessible.


3.7 The AVC reserve the right to refuse to install equipment in any location.




General Information


4.1 The AVC will only accept and confirm ‘Meet and Greet’, AV Equipment Loans and Equipment in Supported Rooms requests made using our SiSo Web Portal. Customers should only consider resource available and scheduled when they receive a verification email including a booking reference number from the AVC.


4.2 ‘Meet and Greet’, AV Equipment Loans and Equipment in Supported Rooms Equipment bookings can only be made by a member of UCL staff. The AVC cannot accept bookings direct from students or external customers.


4.3 The AVC require at least five days’ notice be given when booking a ‘Meet and Greet’, AV Equipment Loan or Equipment in Supported Rooms.


4.4 The AVC require at least one working days’ notice be given in the event of a booking cancellation. If the booking made was chargeable then charges may still be incurred if insufficient notice of cancellation is not given or if no one collects/receives the equipment booked.


4.5 There is no hire charge for equipment booked when used for legitimate University business.


4.6 There is usually no hire charge for the ‘Meet and Greet’ service booked during core hours for the support of legitimate University business on campus.


4.7 The late return of equipment may result in a fine and/or your SiSo account being suspended.


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